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not to allow nato supplies to enter the province until they tell us the drone attacks have been stopped. >> pakistan's taliban named a new leaderer. >> what are pakistani leaders accusing the u.s. government of? >> there's two things the pakistani government is accusing the u.s. of doing. one violating pakistani's sav renity, launching a -- sovereignty, launching a military attack without islamabad's permission. the other thing is essentially scuttling - that's the pakistani's word - an effort to broker peace talks with the taliban. with the death of hakimullah mehsud, basically everything that islamabad wanted to try to achieve has been put back to square one. it says as a result the pakistani citizens will be at a higher risk of suffering from taliban attacks within their borders. >> hasn't the pakistani government cooperated with the u.s. and the c.i.a. drone program all along? >> it's widely assumed that the pakistani government has been cooperating - first, with the bush administration, now with the obama administration on this drone strike program. certainly it's been the obama ad
that they are willing to break consensus in brussels and therefore deny you a nato validation for this and finally i'm creative enough to think of tim geithner turning to his intelligence guy saying i really need to know in their heart of hearts how far the germans will go with greeks and preserving the eurozone. those are all legitimate questions. we could get an answer by direct dialogue. i'm sure we did. you know? sometimes there would have been more to the story and i can imagine circumstances where what i just described are legitimate intelligence issues. >> do you think that the germans don't spy on the french? at this senior level, the level of president of france? >> i don't know what another service would do against another friend. it's not something we look into. i would suspect that germany and france and other countries would do what they consider to be in their national interest. to be very fair, in your national interest is not alienating a friend on whose cooperation you rely. you do have a very serious tradeoff. i think the minister hit a very, very good point here. this wasn't just
on one of its nato allies, estonia. >> sorry. that's not germany versus the u.s. >> that he is they're small so it makes it all right? >> it is smaller, not as important for the world scene. but my point is that some of the german companies have a right to be outraged and angry at the u.s. they've got very, very good competitive technology that they're working with and if there'ses spee nash on an industrial level, they've got a right to be angry. >> they should be angry about the chinese espionage on germany which is colossal and we've seen no signs so far that the americans are spying on german companies for the competitive advantage of american companies. you see a lot of that in the chinese state espionage services spying on all sorts of western countries, stealing their services and taking them to china and trying to replicate them. it's distracted from the serious stuff which is about cyber crime, which is huge. >> i completely agree with that point. you know, i think we're losing the fundamental issue around commercial espionage. the china espionage, which is a key concern, t
the relationship between the united states and germany is crucial. arguably our second most important ally. nato, european power house. here we are having this very, very delicate and difficult, very public discussion. it makes angela merkel look bad. it makes the president look bad. but at home, there's a real -- there's a real concern as it relates to what did president obama know and when did he know it? >> yeah. >> and neither of the answers are particularly good. >> are we to believe as americans that the president of the united states did not know that we were listening in on chancellor merkel's phone calls for five years? and that he found out yet again about this story when he read about it in the news? >> well, we better hope that's not true. we better hope that the background document that the white house put out, leaked out, it seems, to "the wall street journal" is false. and that it is a lie. what they hold is that the president had no knowledge of one of his closest allies, the leaders of one of our nation's closest allies, being spied upon. and that he didn't approve it and he did
.s. ambassador to nato about whether the reaction is for their people or if it is personal. >> i don't think we should discount the personal feeling of violation that someone like chancellor merkel has. when she realizes it's her very own cell phone that she has in her hand that's being listened to. i can see that there is a personnelment to this and a genuine reaction, but from the establishments in european governments a lot of this is for public con zukauskus. the publics are upset so the government needs to show that they are upset. and it's also convenient for the government to his deflect everything towards blaming the united states rather than having anyone scrutinize what they do. >> let's zero in on chancellor merkel an al annal an ali. how much is going to need to be done for her to be satisfied? what has to happen? what left of the transparency -- does she want to know what do you have? toll at that time? >> i wouldn't say that each and every communication is asking for too much. probably not even achievable to regurgitate but i think what the germans want is an honest answer, what d
. it was the nsa, the u.s. and all of its nato partners. the cold data had nothing do with the spanish and french but a collection of call data listen -- listen to it in a number of countries in support of military operations. he said it is completely false. one, this was the msa doing this and, two, it was european citizens, french, and spanish citizens that were being listened to. pretty aggressive knockdown of that story and some of the source of some of the greatest criticism from european side of nsa surveillance. >> jim, part of the white house pushback has been everybody does it. clapper also saying that foreign countries also spy on the u.s. so -- looking at that further, is it possible that the president's blackberry is being read by the germans or the british? >> i asked this of a former official yesterday. i was being -- he said, sure. they probably go after it. i don't know if they would have success. nsa has advantages. but one of the points that mike rogers made in this hearing, and clapper and alexander, in effect, everyone's hands are dirty. they say, yes, we are the target of for
it represents an affirmation that we and our nato allies have received and collected in support of military operations. >> reporter: the house homeland's security committee now has sharp criticism of homeland's security court. coming after the discovery that the department doesn't know what security measures are in place to protect workers and guest at the navy yard. the department is crawling not aware of what security is intact for certain departments. to not have a handle on what's in place to secure their own employees. >> reporter: at the time of the shooting in rent a lexus, a former navy reservist, was working as a military contractor. >> jacqueline: it was warmer today and will continue for the rest of the work week. back in the '70s to my with widespread by friday. changes in the other direction for the weekend. we will seek a little bit more clout coverage and gusty winds once again. right now, whether warmer dry air so we are glad to see some pretty nice afternoons but the morning will be on the chilly side. a lot of 40 degree readings. as we move into the morning and early after
on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations jim sciutto, cnn, washington. >>james: to a senate committee will hear testimony on the federal background check process and the aftermath of a deadly shooting at the washington navy yard. federal officials including the acting director of the office of personnel management are expected to appear. the committee is examining the process of background checks and security clearances following the september 16th shooting in which former navy reservist aaron alexa's killed 12 people before being shot and killed by police. the shooting raised questions of how lexus was able to obtain and hold onto a security clearance despite past brushes with the law and concerns about his mental health. a southern california cities attempt to shut down production of the popular sriracha chili sauce is heading to court. a los angeles superior court judge is expected to decide today whether to grant the city of arundel--irwindales' request to cease operations
, the senate armed services committee chairman talked about improvements in the country as the u.s. and nato prepare to remove troops from afghanistan in 2014. from the council on foreign relations. this is an hour. foreign relations. i'm johnathan karl. a high honor to be here with carl levin. actually needs no interducks introduction. carl levin is the chairman of the senate armed services committee from the great state of michigan and of special interest to me, just back from a trip to afghanistan where he met with our commanders over there and also had a one on one meeting with president karzai. i'm eager to hear about that and senator levin has some remarks about the trip to afghanistan and then we will have a conversation. senator levin? >> well, thank you, jon. we appreciate the invitation to join you this morning and look forward to that conversation as well. i'm not just here to share my ideas but hopefully to receive some of the ideas that we all need in this kind of a world that we live in. as jon mentioned, i recently returned from afghanistan where we spent a couple days meetin
term. some the highlights. the establishment of nato. the korean war. the assassination attempt. the 22nd amendment. how challenging a time was the second term? >> the first year was said to be their happiest in the white house. they thought here is the chance, harry thought because this was when the fair deal started. it really started to kick off. then things go horribly wrong. largely because of korea. that shattered the economy and the people's faith in him and their willingness to understand. >> he threw a lot of mud. >> bess spent more time in the white house. >> she was going back and forth. because of family issues. they reestablish their partnership. they get over the personal tensions they had in the early days when she was feeling a little left out. their union is happier and steadier for a second term. >> let's take a a call from lewis. >> what was mrs. truman's opinion about her husband's association with tom pendergast? i know you mentioned him, what was her thinking and her opinion about tom pendergast? >> thank you. a good question. he was a political boss. in missouri.
the shooter chose his victims at random. >>> it's 7:47. nato officials say they are planning a smaller post war mission in afghanistan. according to the new york times, there will be fewer combat trainers and more military managers to make sure the billions of dollars in security aid are used widely. the paper says unless american and nato troops are there to oversee how the money is spent, it will be hard to account for it in a country known for corruption. >>> the syrian government met a deadline it to submit a detailed declaration of a chemical weapons facilities and the proposal for destroying the weapons. the group overseeing the destruction says the plan drafted by the u.s. and russia is proceeding on schedule. >>> time now 7:48. the troubled healthcare.govwebsiteisupandrun i healthcare.govwebsiteisupandrun ng web site is up and running this morning -- up and running this morning. visitors could not access the web site last night because there was a failure in the net working service provided by verizon. sebelius says does not retain or store information. >>> just turn
give him the dickens if he did not consult her on any major decision mike nato. >> host: question why did he call bes the boss? it seems like he did what he wanted and he did not --. >> i would not say he did what he wanted it was a partnership. >> that is instead is anything new that goes back for ever and ever. this is part of a marriage is all about. the mystery man grew up her father died and she was 18 in a very strong period the suffragettes period started then those different layers. >> one of her best friends was a well-known female journalist and best cheered her on every step of the way she is very supportive of margaret having a career it is just different. >> had she get been nicknamed the boss? >> we think harry started to call that in the mid-30s to is very organized with the senate office and she did not mind it intel he introduced her during the 40 campaign as the boss in margaret as the boss's boss she thought people would think margaret was spoiled. >> host: she worked in in his senate office because he paid her salary? >> the same way other people did it. bes did th
of the highlights of the second truman administration. the establishment of nato, the korean war, assassination attempt we talked about, and the 22nd amendment to the constitution following roosevelt creating presidential term limits. how challenging was the second term? >> the first year was z said to be the happiest in the white house saying here was the chance to be president in his own right, the fair deal started really kicking off, but then things go wrong, largely because of korea that shatters the economy, people's faith in him and willingness to understand. >> and mcarthur made the biggest show of it on earth, addressed congress and said, oh, soldiers never die, just fade away, and it was a popular song, and they threw a lot of mud, really. >> did beth change her approach to the first ladyship in the second term spending more time in the white house? >> she is still going back and forth a lot, but, again, that's largely because of family issues. she's -- they reestablished the partnership, get over the personal tensions they had in the early days where she's feeling left out. they find
to u.s. and nato withdrawal in afghanistan next year. >> most afghans suspicious of pakistan, saying their neighbor is playing a doing russ game, interfering to keep afghanistan unstable and supporting the taliban. they've watched president karzai visit without results. >> in action, they are not doing what they're saying. the action is important, not the talking. >> in august, afghan officials had hopes the prime minister could improve the strained relationship. president karzai extended his trip to islamabad and hoped to restart the peace process. >> between the civilian governments, the relationship has been lukewarm. the center of the problem ties to taliban is the role of pakistan's military. whether that has changed or not remains to be seen. >> karzai will ask for pakistan's help to fight armed groups and keep the taliban from disrupting next year's presidential election. >> karzai can't run in those election he is. he said there can be no peace in afghanistan without pakistan, but it's unclear whether he can persuade pakistan to deliver that peace. >> for more on the try late
and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. >> at another hearing, national sbel intelligence directors was asked about monitoring allies. he said american friends spy on the united states. >> some of this reminds me of the classic movie casablanca. there's gambling going on here. it's the same thing. >>> john miller is here. >> good morning. clapper used the same one i used monday. either we think a like or he's a viewer. >> which is it? >> in the name of full discloe disclosure disclosure, he was my old boss before this job. >> let's get to the point. we do it to them; they do it to us. is there something special aboutnyabout germany and chancellor merkel that makes them want to pay more attention to her? >> the answer is no. if you sit in the president's daily briefing, the hot items are terrorism nuclear prif ration. germany doesn't come up nor does merkel. there are times when there's a strategic issue that comes up where germany's position might be an issue. somewhere buried in the pdb there might be analys
Search Results 63 to 78 of about 93 (some duplicates have been removed)